Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update: Papa G's Organic Vegan Deli

Last summer, B. and I reviewed the tempeh reuben at Papa G's, then a relatively new all vegan, all organic restaurant in Southeast. At 5.99, the modest sandwich didn't seem like a great deal, but I appreciate Papa G's dedication to fresh, organic and local ingredients, despite the fact that those often come at a price.

Whereas before the only sandwiches available at Papa G's were found in the deli case, wrapped in plastic, recently the establishment announced hot, made to order sandwiches. Check out their website for an updated menu (and a coupon for 10% off). The tempeh reuben is an option, now 2 bucks more (though the ala carte sandwich is still available for $5.99). The menu says the hot sandwiches come with "gigantic chips" but I can only assume this isn't the only change. Undoubtedly a freshly-made sandwich will taste better, but I hope they also add more kraut and maybe jazz it up in some way, though the description sounds just like the burger-like reuben we tried back then. I encourage folks to stop by and check it out, maybe drop us a comment to let us know what the deal is. Whether in search of a reuben or not, it seems like the expansion definitely merits a visit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Papa G's new sandwich menu rocks-- my husband is a huge meat-eater but he tried Papa G's new tempeh/amaranth burger and loved it so much that he's been going to the deli about twice a week for their new burger. He says it totally satisfies a burger craving.

I haven't tried their reuben yet, but it's made with the same tempeh/amaranth burger so I know that part of it is great. And Papa G's has changed the bread they use, and it's a much improved change, so I'm guessing the reuben has significantly improved overall.

Their new nachos are awesome too-- they make their own vegan nacho cheese sauce and it's got great flavor and a good bite to it-- not too hot, but well-spiced. If you try their new burrito, I recommend getting a side of the nacho cheese sauce to pour over it.

Anonymous said...

I've only just started frequenting Papa G's and the tempeh reuben burger I've tried is delicious! I get it with a side of potato salad (which is excellent) for an extra $1.50. Totally worth it. Love everything at G's.