Friday, February 15, 2008

Not really groovin' (or a TRUEBEN)

Earlier this week we were a bit too busy to hit up a restaurant and test another reuben for the blog, so we thought we'd compromise and pick up the Groovin' Reuben I posted about just a little while ago, and pair it with some home made sides. I went to People's to snag one, and gave the ingredients a read again (this is also because I'm giving up refined sugar for Lent--don't ask), and I saw, to my dismay, that the Groovin' Reuben is not technically vegan, by most vegan standards.

The bread they use contains honey.

How annoying! I know some vegans eat honey, but I also know some vegans scan ingredient labels for a certain red food coloring made from ground up beetle wings, so I didn't feel that I could review this sandwich and really call it vegan. If any of you more lenient vegans (or omnis, for that matter) want to give it a try and leave me a post with your verdict, I'd welcome it, and I saw today that People's currently has a few half-off. They are also available at the Alberta Co-op, if you live in NE.

Meanwhile, maybe I'll write a disappointed note to Holy Cow. I wanted to review your sandwich, I really did.

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