Monday, January 28, 2008

There's a fourth category?!?

So, originally, I figured this blog would have essentially three kinds of posts: vegan reubens in restaurants, vegan reubens made at home, and vegetarian reubens adapted to be vegan (in restaurants). Yesterday I was shopping at People's, and what did I see staring out at me from the refrigerator near the entrance, next to the bottles of kombucha? The Groovin' Reuben. I googled it today and found that it is in fact a TRUEBEN. This is the first deli-case TRUEBEN I've ever encountered. Apparently, it's made by a cafe called Holy Cow located on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. So if you're ever in Eugene craving a vegan reuben, you know where to go (or at least, somewhere to go). Expect a review of the deli-case variation later on. That is, unless People's decides to stop carrying it. Why is it suddenly so hard to find vital wheat gluten in bulk in this part of town? How am I supposed to make a corned seitan reuben for my readers when everyone is discontinuing it?

Edit: 2/15/08: For an update about why the Groovin' Reuben isn't really vegan, see this post.

Also, thanks to Portland Hamburgers for the nod. Speaking of "narrow lens" though, you should check out Semicircular Vegan (which I recently added to the links to your right). Since I am dedicated to keeping this blog to a narrow focus, I have refrained from listing all my favorite vegan food blogs (not to mention how much space that would take up), but I just had to include Semicircular Vegan, since her focus is even narrower than mine, perhaps (or maybe not, I mean, the possibilities are endless). Seriously, it's awesome, give it a look.


Mindy said...

I too have noticed that I can no longer find gluten in bulk and was starting to think that perhaps I dreamed it that one time I thought I bought it... annoying...

TJF said...

Hi Mindy,

I think vital wheat gluten might be back at People's. I remember liking the brand they carried because it was actually locally grown wheat (Washington, I think) which is rare.

New Season's doesn't have it, which is surprising. I think Fred Meyer's actually might carry it in their natural foods bulk section (the one on Hawthorne, at least). Also surprising.

I've never been to Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukee, so I don't know if they sell it in bulk, but they are at least a local company that produces it.