Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vegetable Love contest poll opens!

Just a reminder that you can vote for my entry in the Vegetable Love contest over at Fat Free Vegan now, through Friday. Susan got a whopping 34 entries, and as expected, a number were heart-shaped and used beets as well. But it's an impressive spread! Please head over there and vote for your favorite. Just for voting, you can be entered to win a Nava Atlas cookbook as well!

And while I'm at it, for a change of pace, Vegan Dad has created a tofu reuben recipe. Check it out.

Oh, and also, I have joined the club. The club of vegan bloggers owning high powered blenders. And I have a started a blog of recipes that utilize primarily this device, mostly experimental. See it at Three Horsepower Vegan.


Nityda said...

I have never visited your blog until now, but I am a fan of the fatfreevegan blog. I am also a fan of tempeh reubens! Anyone who can make a tempeh reuben slider and shape it into a heart gets my vote! So obviously, I voted for you!

TJF said...

Aw, thanks!

Penny said...

Love yr sliders..and focus of this blog! Makes me want to seek out some vegan reuban here in New York ( I think Food Swings has it).