Friday, February 27, 2009

February Reuben Round-Up

I've got a wealth of recipes and reuben spottings for you this month, both from recent reviews and postings and from the krauty annals of the vegan blog-world. There's really a lot, so I'll just get started, in no particular order.

Tami at Vegan Appetite teases us with the Corned Seitan recipe, a tester from well-loved vegan cookbook author, Robin Robertson, raving that it's even better than the Chicago Diner. That's high praise.

And here's a recipe from almost a year ago from Diet, Dessert and Dogs, another inventive vegan blog, it's an adaptation of the VWAV tempeh reuben, and seems well-worth testing out.

I'm always somewhat entertained when a small-circulation journalist takes on vegetarianism or veganism as a challenge, and is immensely terrified. Check out this Philadelphia writer as he tries out a week without meat, and consequently, seitan reuben sliders at Horizons. Living on the Vedge also clues us in on a good spot for vegan reubens in Philly.

Man, and that's just the beginning. Here are some more recipes from the blogs. We've got suggestions from the likes of Vegan Parenting, Vegan Footprints, VegWeb, Awesome. Vegan. Rad., Smarter Fitter, ...but what does she eat?, and the Food Network, of all places! Note this one is only vegetarian, but easily adaptable of course.

Can I just pause in all this and say how shocking/awesome (pick one) it is that a Wisconsin restaurant called The Cheese Factory has a vegan reuben on the menu? Speaking of which, apparently the Comet Cafe is the place to go for a vegan reuben in Milwaukee. And Falls Church, VA, another somewhat unlikely spot, has a reuben option as well.

And just for the hell of it, I'll throw in a book review.

Along those lines, and something a little closer to home for me at least, the Indy Week just did a feature on a recent vegan cookbook. I swear, the Triangle gets more like Portland every day. But for you real Portlanders, I've got confirmation that Backspace does indeed have a vegan Reuben -- or something like it.


monica said...

Oh my god. A whole blog devoted to vegan reubens? I'm in heaven. Thanks for including mine, and for mentioning the Chicago diner - their Reuben rocks! I've got another one for ya: Tofurkey Reuben! Best way to use leftover Tofurkey EVAH.

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Your blog is so awesome! Vegan reubens are my favorite sandwich I have ever had, even in my non-vegan lifetime... I actually just blogged about my Reuben experience at the Chicago Diner! (I have another Reuben post up my sleeve, too, hahahaha!)

TJF said...

Yeah, I've heard lots about the Chicago Diner reuben, though I have yet to try it. Though I did find a recipe, I think Veg News published it awhile back...So I could try to make it at home, I suppose. They certainly have the corned beef look down!

Ricki said...

Thanks so much for the link to my blog--and all these other awesome links. I can't wait to check out that newspaper article about eating meat-free. Who knew there were so many amazing Reubens around?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for linking me :) I just put up another Reuben Review...but not so bueno. Guess I just need to keep makin' my own.