Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick PDX Vegan Reuben News

I have a few more posts lined up, waiting for when I have time to fine-tune them, but I wanted to alert you all to that fact that, according to a photo text message from my former roommate, the Fuel Cafe in Portland recently served a Field Roast Reuben--only the second time I've heard of one being served in a restaurant, the first being that place in Seattle. However, it seems as though Grand Central has taken their tofuben (which I sadly never got to try my hand at veganizing) out of rotation as a winter seasonal special. All which makes me ask, what will be in store when I return to Portland for Christmas?


sophia said...

thanks for your comment TJF, and thanks for your awesome blog! i can only hope that someday i'll return to the only place where one can consume enough different vegan reubens to fill a whole blog.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Here's my piece of history to add - when the Hungry Tiger Too first opened, they had Field Roast Reubens. : )

TJF said...

I'm surprised, Jess. It's too bad they stopped. Maybe they decided Field Roast was too expensive? When we reviewed the reuben there for this site, it was made from Tofurkey slices that were dry and crumbly.

Do you know if they changed the reuben recently? I know they did some menu changes, and they were aware of our poor review. It'd be nice to give them a second chance.